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The aim of my proposal "to dance on one's own origins" in DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY is the enhancement and awareness of the body of the individual-group to increase its communication skills.



The practice of DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY is reserved for operators in possession of a specific professional profile, with precise training and operational requirements that the APID establishes and promotes, articulating itself with the international scientific community.



A testimony by Edilson Sheriff

I met Claudia Belchior in the late 80s. The first time I saw her, I felt that something very special had concentrated in her eyes, her voice and her body. At that time she called all Love and showed the great strength and power of women who come from the waters (Yemanja).

Unpretentious … what a light, sweet woman with a soft voice, she advanced in expressive movements that the Afro dance proposed through my body and my ancestral inspirations. To teach the classes and conduct the effervescent group choreographically, I saw Claudia making poetry with her arms, hips and luminous gaze. Through the mirror, I perceived his involvement that was established between the collective energy and the drums of Anderson Vilmar and other percussionists eager for rhythm, sound and movement.

Claudia is the continuity of the dancing inspiration of the afro expression that we have eradicated from the drums in one of the most important moments of our life, both in the center of Rio de Janeiro, and in Vila Kennedy, with one of the most grandiose and mythical shows: Ogun Onirê!

As a teacher I always wanted my movements to communicate something more beyond the daily life of those who danced with me. And that anyone would continue the work done at the Maria Olenewa Dance School, recreating what we did in those years with a lot of emotion and warmth.

Of course, Claudia is the hope materialized in the transposition of feelings, emotions and afro movements in what she transmits in the bodies of other people, in Brazil and abroad. I see my sweat in Claudia and my transmuted ancestry. Axè, love!