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The Dance Therapy



The Training School of DMT of the Italian Art Therapy Association was founded in 1984, general director Mimma Della Cagnoletta and director of the Department of DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY Debra Mac Call, Rosa Maria Govoni (assistant). In 1989 Rosa Maria Govoni becomes director of the DMT department in Bologna, introduces the DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY psychodynamic method “Laban Kestenberg and Authentic Movement, inviting for several years Jandet Adler and also Joan Chodorow in the 90s and then Tina Stomested to teach for several years in his school.

APID, the Italian Professional Association of DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY (DTM) proposes itself to qualify in this country the practice of this discipline, promoting and protecting its professional, ethical and scientific quality. The legal recognition of the profession, and to take care of the correct information on the DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY and its applications.

The APID was founded in 1997 by the pioneers: Rosa Maria Govoni, Vincenzo Bellia, Vincenzo Puxeddu. For an initiative of DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPISTS coming from the most significant experiences and schools present in Italy that in their mutual formative and operative differences, both theoretical and technical, share some fundamental principles. Currently, the president of APID is Dr. Mila Sana.



The practice of the DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY is reserved for operators in possession of a specific one professional profile, with precise training and operational requirements, that the APID establishes and promotes,

articulating with the international scientific community.

Placing itself in the delicate sector of the relationship of help, the DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY demands from those who practice it a precise assumption of responsibility, from an ethical, clinical, research and professional updating point of view.

The DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY promotes the physical, emotional, cognitive and relational integration of the person, his affective and psychosocial maturity, the development of his creative potential. It is called “DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPISTS ” (DMT) a class of professional figures working in the field of cliche and/or socio-education with functions of prevention, rehabilitation and therapy through body language (dance and movement) in its representative, communicative and symbolic values.