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SAMBATERAPIA – Discovering yourself in the Samba!

26/04/2018 Por Claudia Belchior

Sambaterapia course with Claudia Belchior
Every Wednesday from 19:00 to 20:00

A dance suitable for everyone that does not include schemes or techniques to learn, a method that allows you to awaken your creative ability giving space to spontaneous movements.
Sambaterapia is an encounter with one’s inner world, a journey of understanding of oneself and of others.
Move the body freely, according to one’s own feelings, “be moved” by rhythmic music, energizing or be lulled by relaxing and harmonious sounds to rediscover the harmony of the here and now, the source of health and well-being.
For each one-hour meeting, we dance a theme, eg: Freely in the body / The inner cuddles / Let’s feed on rhythms / The percussive dance.

It happens through a process that includes different phases: relaxation, movement (primitive afro), rhythm (samba) and creative dance.
Relaxation – Movements that lead participants to relax in a creative way.
Movement rhythm – The Afro-Brazilian dance has the power to unleash a deep energy in the body and to free repressed emotions, creating great vitality and joy of life.
Free Dance – The creative dance allows anyone to explore the ability to enrich the body through their movements. And this is a resource for life!
Samba – The basic technique of samba helps to integrate the polarities of the body, increasing its potential because it is an energetic and liberating dance. Joy is an integral part of the journey.
Final sharing – You can write your own experience and share it with the group: to dance, just listen!

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